Washington Park: A Community Renewed

The Washington Park Neighborhood Redevelopment Project is an award-winning example of the promise affordable housing offers individuals, families and communities.

Star Development, LLC was selected by the Winnebago County Housing Authority to be the master developer of this ambitious HOPE VI endeavor that would replace an existing public housing complex with over 100 affordable for-sale and rental single family homes in Rockford, Illinois.

Star Development financially engineered the deal, partnering with local businesses, community groups, and government entities from the local to national level to secure the resources required by this large-scale community development project. Star Development then updated the infrastructure, laying the groundwork for a house by house, street by street, community renewal. Today Washington Park is no longer a neighborhood residents seek to leave. It is now a vibrant, mixed-income community where people are delighted to live and create their home.

We invite you to view our flash gallery and download our brochure to learn more about Washington Park and the power of affordable housing developments.

Washington Park Gallery (FLASH)

Washington Park Brochure (PDF)

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