The Power of a Partner

With Star-Holdings of Illinois you will find a proven team with depth, knowledge and integrity. But more than that, you will find a partner with the power to unite private business and public resources to find new solutions for old needs. Since 1987, we have flourished within our field because we see solutions where others only see problems, and we combine the right people with the right resources to give you outstanding results.

Star-Holdings brings together nearly 450 skilled professionals in 10 states to create affordable housing solutions for the people who need them most. With more than 230 properties located in over 150 cities, we bring together a unique mix of people and resources critical in developing, renovating, building and managing affordable housing. But we never do it alone.

At every level and at every stage, Star-Holdings works with federal, state and local governments (as well as private investors, lenders and community groups) to provide quality housing and build stronger neighborhoods. At Star-Holdings, we bring everyone to the table; we move projects forward; we get the job done.

Star-Holdings invests in working families and seniors with critical needs that are often overlooked. We actively support public housing authorities in building, operating and maintaining affordable housing complexes. Working together, we create new policies and procedures to enhance their access to funding opportunities that can transform projects and entire neighborhoods.

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