06.08.09: Professional Property Management included in 2009 NAHMA Affordable 100

Professional Property Management, LLC (PPM) appears on the recently released 2009 NAHMA listing of the 100 largest affordable multifamily property management companies in the country. Coming in at number 42, PPM is listed as managing 9,011 subsidized units and 9,395 total residential units as of December 1, 2008. This is the first time that PPM has participated in the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) survey and been included on its annual listing. Click here to view the complete 2009 NAHMA Affordable 100 listing.

Headquartered in Rockford, IL, Professional Property Management, LLC currently manages over 235 properties in more than 160 cities located in 11 states. PPM is a recognized leader in the management of affordable housing properties and excels in the management of properties financied with Low Income Housing Tax Credits. For more information about Professional Property Management, LLC, please click here.


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